Friday, November 6, 2009


I have spent the last days traveling the Pacific Northwest with Jeff Jochum and Candice Cunningham, attending the Seattle and Vancouver SMUGs.

Wonderful experience. Lots of deep discussions about the business of photography. About new trends like Photo Fusion.

The Vancouver SMUG is being led by The Bebb's.

They gave a great presentation to the crowd, and left them with an assignment to submit their 15 best photographs for discussion! Fifteen sounds like both a lot and a little. I have years of photographs, and lots of different subjects. I have many of my children that I adore because they are my children. I have lots of landscapes. And then I have those few portraits that I might be comfortable sharing. There is a part of me that says I should want to really take a risk with this and only consider those that are outside of my comfort zone, but I also was considering doing this as more of a retrospective exercise - pick a favorite from each of the past years, and then decide why it is a favorite, and whether that makes it a worthy photo.

Since I am doing this as an exercise for myself, I can probably do both. I will be posting the choices here in the next little while.