Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to the DGrin Acadia Shootout

It is the kind of sleep that muist happen regularly, but that you don't recognize. It is so deep and so satisfying . You only know when you are having a sleep like that when it is rudely, harshly interrupted. Raging Black Sabbath jolts you out of it, ends it and you feel robbed. Not even the slow realization that it signals the beginning of the Dgrin shootout is enough to force your body from the Nirvana of your bed. Five minutes later, The Rolling Stones are only slightly more successful.

Six a.m. And 8C. Fifty pounds of luggage in the duffle, and what feels like another 50 in the camera bag. Ridiculously long line ups at the airport. People seemingly moving their whole belongings to another place on the globe. And it must have been a good week for the local outfitters, as camouflage is everywhere. Twelve dollars for microwaved porridge and coffee.

The announced 55 minute gate delay does not happen, and we arrive in Minneapolis on time. Turning the cell phone on reveals a message from my wireless provider: Welcome to the U.S.A. A fee of …..applies to all phone calls and texts. Phoning the toll free number to update my plan reveals no easy way to get both! And a recommendation to block the internet access of the iPhone! My Canadian debit card does not work at any of the vendors here at the airport, and the ATM is out of cash. The connecting flight to Boston is delayed – no information on how long or why.

And despite the above, and the grey, grim skies in Minneapolis, I can only feel good about what lies ahead this next week.

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