Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alberta Soccer U14, U16, U18 Road to Nationals

I am very excited to be the Official Photographer at the ASA Tier 1 Provincial Soccer Tournament in Edmonton. The tournament starts tomorrow afternoon, and I'm just putting the finishing touches on my booth and getting the gear all packed up!

I've taken photos at numerous ASA provincials before, as well as at two Youth Soccer Nationals competitions - I've had that great privilege because my son's team represented Alberta twice, at U16 (silver medalists) and again at U18 (gold medalists!) so I appreciate the time and commitment that the athletes have given to get here, and wish them all the best!!!! I understand the game and know how to anticipate play.

When I first ventured into Sport Photography, a mentor told me there were 4 key elements in a sport photo: Face, Action, Contact, Ball. The perfect sport photograph isn't necessarily of the ball going into the net or even of the shot that put it there. It's all about the expression on the players face, the look of determination or of joy they have from competing, the fierce face off between opponents, the big stretch  to reach the  bird or the perfect positioning that comes from years of training. Catching those moments is what I strive to do. Sports photography is all about anticipation, about predicting what will happen next and focusing in on that moment. I've been shooting sports for 10 years and would love to be your sports photographer.

I'll be uploading photos by game day and time, to the galleries here. By 'registering' you will be able to select your favorite photos, and those photos are added to your own personal gallery for further review, and of course to purchase prints or digital files!

Prints come from Bay Photo, and are of the highest quality, printed with true photographic processing on archival paper. We also offer digital files and several specialty products, such as prints on aluminum and will have samples on display at the tournament.

You can book photography in advance, to guarantee that your team or player has their photos taken during the tournament. With 36 teams/51 games this will be the only way to ensure coverage of your player!

See you tomorrow!

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