Thursday, December 20, 2012

Countdown to 2013 - Favorite Photos of 2012

I'm jumping the gun here! Getting my list of favorites started before the end of the year. I organize my Lightroom catalogue by date, putting everything from each month into one bucket with the exception of particular sport or event work, which might just warrant it's own bucket (e.g. Rugby 2012). This makes it "easy" to look back through month by month. I also tend to put the images I process up onto my website month by month. Running with that as the starting point, I'm going to try to choose my favorites - one month at a time, over the 12 days leading up to New Years.

January 2012, a trip to New Orleans for Imaging USA and a photo walk around Bourbon Street one night.

Red Bubbles:


From Windermere Studios Garden:

Woody Woodpecker:

And possibly my favorite of the month, Great Horned Owls Mating:

Now, I know that I could be picking favorites due to the memory associated with them - after all, a primary purpose for photographs (for me at least) is to invoke memory. That may not make them my best. So I invite comments on these - tell me what you think, and why. 

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