Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome December: Winter Photography

The winter season can start long before the winter solstice in Edmonton. This year, for example, we've had snow on the ground since early October. I fight with winter every year. It is too long, too dark, too cold for my liking, and those that know me can attest that my grumblings start with the first brisk breeze and last as long as old man winter's icy grip.

I must admit that winter can provide some breathtaking photographic opportunities. And not all of  them require dressing up like the Michelin man. I do my best to embrace winter (really, the constant whinging is my best!), and to go forth and make great images as often as I can. To kick December off I've pulled a collection of some of my favorite December photo subjects: winter landscapes and frosty leaves, pretty birds, holiday festivities and family get togethers, and even tropical vacation memories.

Our garden and neighborhood are frequent subjects of mine, especially in the winter, since I tend to be a home body this time of year.

Mountain Ash Berries kissed with frost:

The path less traveled:

Red Poll atop the feeder:

Winter visits to family in the Okanagan also provide beautiful photo ops:

and the chance to gift a special memory:

Birthday celebrations and the Holiday Decorations make for great photos:

Not to mention spending New Years far, far away from the snow and cold!

If you've enjoyed this sample, and think you might like to hang a beautiful print in your home, or use one of these files as a screen saver or for your Holiday Cards this year, I've got a great discount so that you can do so!

Happy December! Enjoy Winter Photography! 

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