Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Photos: Introducing a brand new baby!

I've had the privilege of taking family photos for my former coworker's family for the last four years. When the call came to pick a date this year, I was met with the pleasant surprise that they were expecting their second baby. We picked a date approximately a week after the due date so that we could also get some new born photos.

Newborn photography is a difficult task. Babies are wonderfully unpredictable. We turned the heat up in the house, had a little space heater running, and let me tell you all of us adults were sweating! But, despite our best efforts to keep this little man asleep he was having none of it! There were fleeting moments when his eyes were closed but they did not last long. He also made it perfectly clear that he was not fond of laying on his tummy!

We took our time, but I also made sure to be ready for any and all opportunities to capture this little man asleep, to isolate those perfect little fingers and toes, to show the fleeting tenderness of babe cuddled into his mom or dad. Those are the things fond memories are made of.

This little guy has a very proud (and very cute) older brother:

After trying a couple of spots in their home, with window light and also with a backdrop and studio lights, we moved into mom and dads room. Despite the fact that it was very overcast outside, the light streaming in through the windows was beautiful, reflecting just enough off of the snow without being glaring.
I'm making custom holiday cards for them as well. There is still time to have me come take your family photos for your holiday card or letter this year! Photos really should be done no later than Dec. 6 if you'd like custom cards made.  Be sure to give me a shout ASAP to make arrangements! 

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