Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready for the Holidays? Photo Cards/Calendars

The custom photo card that I spoke about in the last post arrived this morning and they look great!

These are wide format cards, so you'll notice that the fold is along the short edge. There are a variety of paper types available for your cards as well, including a beautiful metallic pearl. It's not too late to book your family photo session and have custom cards made by Windermere Studios. But, it will be soon! There are lots of card designs available in 4x8, 5x7 and 5x5 formats.

The sample Maui Ocean View calendar was in the same shipment.

Today is the last day to pre order copies of this beautiful 13 image 2013 calendar at a discount, for local pick up/delivery.

I also have calendars for sale through Red Bubble. Those calendars have an 11x17 format with the image and the calendar blocks on the same page. They are stunning as well!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Photos: Introducing a brand new baby!

I've had the privilege of taking family photos for my former coworker's family for the last four years. When the call came to pick a date this year, I was met with the pleasant surprise that they were expecting their second baby. We picked a date approximately a week after the due date so that we could also get some new born photos.

Newborn photography is a difficult task. Babies are wonderfully unpredictable. We turned the heat up in the house, had a little space heater running, and let me tell you all of us adults were sweating! But, despite our best efforts to keep this little man asleep he was having none of it! There were fleeting moments when his eyes were closed but they did not last long. He also made it perfectly clear that he was not fond of laying on his tummy!

We took our time, but I also made sure to be ready for any and all opportunities to capture this little man asleep, to isolate those perfect little fingers and toes, to show the fleeting tenderness of babe cuddled into his mom or dad. Those are the things fond memories are made of.

This little guy has a very proud (and very cute) older brother:

After trying a couple of spots in their home, with window light and also with a backdrop and studio lights, we moved into mom and dads room. Despite the fact that it was very overcast outside, the light streaming in through the windows was beautiful, reflecting just enough off of the snow without being glaring.
I'm making custom holiday cards for them as well. There is still time to have me come take your family photos for your holiday card or letter this year! Photos really should be done no later than Dec. 6 if you'd like custom cards made.  Be sure to give me a shout ASAP to make arrangements! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Calendars

I know, I know - it's only mid November, but it's time to start thinking about holiday gift shopping. After all there are only 40 days until Christmas. If you are ordering anything requiring shipping, now's the time to start thinking about it so that you avoid the bedlam that can occur in December!

Photos are great gifts. Art prints to spruce up the home or office. Framed portraits  to send to your loved ones far away.  Photos on skins for cell phones, laptops or tablets. And, one of my favorites - calendars - a way to enjoy13 great photos for one low price!

Love Maui as much as I do? Wish you were there, all the time? This will help! I've put together Maui Ocean View 2013, with a selection of 13 gorgeous Maui ocean scenes. This calendar will open to 11x17 inches, coil bound along the center with the photo on the top page and the month with large day squares on the bottom.

Take a look at the individual images. 

The calendars will be offered at $30 plus shipping, but I've got a bit of a special deal this week. Pre-order by Nov. 19 and the price will be $27 each, or $25 each plus shipping if you order 2 or more! Contact me to place an order or for further details.

I'll be sprucing up a couple of other calendars that are available through Red Bubble, and will be sure to let everyone know when they are ready for 2013.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter Wonderland (not WalMart) Photos

Rebecca and her three children participated in my fundraising photo shoot Sunday, and made a generous donation to one of my chosen charities, YESS (Youth Emergency Shelter Society). Her kids were awesome and super cooperative despite the somewhat chilly temps!

We made sure that we got a 'traditional' shot first

before we got a bit more creative. Light up those smiles:

They'd let me know that what they were hoping for was 'not WalMart photos', and I was quite happy to oblige! Thankfully they weren't afraid of a little snow! 
I'm thinking that will make a pretty nice Holiday Card. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

It's A Winter Wonderland - Charity Photo Shoot

The unusually heavy November snowfall has turned the gardens at Windermere Studios into a beautiful winter wonderland. The spruce and pine trees are holding thick layers of snow, and are the perfect backdrop for your family holiday photo!

So, I've decided (very last minute and spur of the moment) to host  a charity photo session here on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, between noon and 3 p.m. mst. Here's how it will work:

Come dressed in bright winter clothes, and ready for your family photo. Bring a donation of at least $20 (new goods or gift cards) for  the Youth Emergency Shelter, Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, iHuman or The Mustard Seed and in return receive a 4MP digital file of the photo of your family ($50 value), to print to your heart's content!

Contact me  to let me know you'd like to take part.

Fine Print: One pose per family group. Files will be available for viewing by EOB Nov. 15 and will be delivered electronically via Additional Photos will be available for sale. Additional groupings or poses can be photographed @ the mini session (30 minutes of photography) special rate of $75 per family. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photowalk Thursday: Snowy Owls at Beaver Hill Lake

Beaverhill Lake Heritage Rangelands is another easy day trip east of Edmonton, just past Tofield, and we often combine it with a trip to Elk Island National Park. The lake is large but shallow in most places, the hiking trails  are flat and easy and  there's a bird observatory on site. This is a renowned birding location, especially during the spring and fall migrations.

It's also a great place to spot snowy owls in the winter! January and February 2012 were wonderful times to go birding, as the weather was mild AND there was a snowy owl population explosion! We found snowy owls all around the lake, spotting 7 different birds one day. We came across the same adult bird on the southwest edge of the park on two different days. He was a very, very cooperative model.

We also encountered a group of migrating hawks - these guys were actually on their way to the arctic for the summer already! They were not so cooperative for the camera. 

Did you know that male snowy owls start life with barred feathers, and as they age they lose the bars and become white? Females and juveniles have barred feathers. 

We also came across this beautiful Great Horned Owl while hiking the paths near the bird observatory. Notice how he's sharing his branch with a chickadee?

The secret to seeing birds when you are out for a nature walk or country drive is to look up! And watch for unusual shapes or colors on fence posts and telephone poles!