Friday, October 12, 2012

I used to hate camera phones

It doesn't seem so long ago that seeing folks snapping camera phone shots drove me crazy! How could they get a worthy shot? What good is that blurry tiny little photo? Are you really pulling your phone out to show pics of your grandkids?

Well, uh, hmm, I seem to be capable of changing with the times, as it were. I'm now a frequent cell phonographer! I always have my phone close by, whether I'm walking the dog, shoveling the walk or out for date night with the hubby, and I'm not shy about pulling it out to use the camera. One of the biggest regrets that I have, as a mom and a photographer, is a lack of 'snapshots' that capture the every day, run a day moments of the last decade or so. Photos of my kids just hanging out are few and far between. Maybe if I'd had a cell phone camera sooner, I'd have more of those!

I use my iPhone camera to grab self portraits, and fun pictures of the dog, and pictures of food and drink. I share them on Facebook, and send them by text to my kids. I suspect that those are the most common things people do with their camera phones and I am gleefully guilty.

But then I also use it to grab photos when I don't have my other camera with me, photos that I might not try, photos that document where I've been.

I used my iPhone camera on our road trip to Utah this past summer, to take a set of themed shots from moving vehicles, processed with the Camera Awesome filter called Road Trip!

I actually enjoy using my phone camera enough that I'm contemplating trying the iPad camera next!

How do you use your cell phone camera? Is it becoming your go to, in the moment, tool?

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