Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday

It's #wildlifewednesday on Google+, so I decided to share this photo there.

Our yard is bordered on the south by a creek bed, with a well established tree stand. We are pretty close to the North Saskatchewan River, and before all the farm land was paved, we had a lot of wildlife around. This breeding pair of Great Horned Owls returns each winter, but I've never found a nest. I did, long ago, see one in the daylight along with a fledging owlet. Most encounters I've had have been silhouettes at dusk. This past January I caught sight of one of the owls on a tree top, and thought there might be enough light left to grab a few shots. I stood with camera pointed toward one, when the other flew to the next tree top. As I moved my camera toward her, this happened. It was all over before I knew it (poor girl!). The whole series is in this gallery.

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